Auction Process

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You request an offer to purchase from us.
We send you an offer to purchase via email. You fill in and return to with a copy of your ID, proof of address and proof of the minimum 10% deposit payment that you made into our trust account (minimum 10% of the amount you want to offer for the property).
The offer gets sent to the relevant people and we then wait ± 30 days for the bank to accept or decline your offer.
If they do accept the offer, transfer attorneys will get appointed and then you work with them going forward. If for some reason you cannot come up with the rest of the purchase amount, you lose the deposit.
If you offer too little and you’re not interested in increasing your offer, kindly request a refund form, complete, sign and then send back to us together with a copy of your ID.
In the case that someone puts in a higher offer than yours, we will contact you and give you the opportunity to increase your offer. If so, you fill out a new contract and pay the difference in the deposit within 24 hours.
Please note that from the day of acceptance of your offer, you have 30 days to pay the balance of the purchase amount
Please keep in mind that the majority of properties are sequestrations, liquidations, divorced en deceased estates and there is no time limit attached.


Most auction properties as view-able an hour before the auction.
You will register on site for the auction, there are no fees required for registration and its FICA compliance.
After the bidding, should your offer be the highest, you will fill in an offer to purchase and you will need to send your proof of deposit, which you paid into our non-interesting bearing Trust account, by 17H00 the same day. Please note that all cash deposits received will be charged a cash handling fee of 1%.
As soon as we have all the documentation, we will forward your offer to the relevant people and we then wait ± 30 days for the bank to accept or decline your offer.
In the event that after the auction someone wants to place an offer, it has to be worthwhile as they only get one opportunity to place a offer and the highest bidder only has to match their offer for their offer not be considered.


Please click on the link provided and download the Consumer Protection Act.
Consumer Protection Act
Further to the above please take note of Section 45 (Part F) that pertains to the auction industry.


Please click on the link provided and download the Regulations to the Consumer Protection Act.
Regulations Consumer Protection Act
Further to the above please take note of Regulations 18 to 33 that pertain to the auction industry.


The sale by auction is subject to a reserve price.
The auctioneer or his agent shall be entitled to bid up to the reserve price on behalf of the owner, but shall not be entitled to make a bid equal to or exceeding the reserve price.
The Rules of Auction comply with section 45 of the Consumer Protection Act no. 68 of 2008, hereinafter referred to as the “the Act”.

The following provisions of Section 45(1), (2) and (3) are brought to your attention, and provide that:

  • 4.1 In this section “auction” includes a sale in execution pursuant to a court order to the extent that the order contemplates that the sale is to be conducted by an auction;
  • 4.2 When the goods are put up for sale by auction in lots, each lot is, unless there is evidence to the contrary, regarded to be the subject of a separate transaction;
  • 4.3 A sale by auction is complete when the auctioneer announces its completion by the fall of the hammer, or in any other customary manner and until that announcement is made, a bid may be retracted.

The Auction will start at the published time without delayed to allow any specific person(s) to bid on the auction.
A person who attends the auction to bid on behalf of another person or entity must produce a letter of authority that expressly authorises him or her to bid on behalf of that person or entity. Where a person is bidding on behalf of a company the letter of authority must appear on the letterhead of the company and must be accompanied by a certified copy of the resolution authorising him or her to bid on behalf of the company.
All monies must be paid to Dynamic Auctioneers’ Trust Account for the benefit of the seller, minus commission payable to Dynamic Auctioneers in terms of the Conditions of Sale that applies to the auction.
The auctioneer will during the course of the auction announce the reason for the auction unless that reason is the normal and voluntary disposal of property by the seller.
Anyone that intends to bid at the auction must register his or her identity on the bidder’s record prior to the start of the auction and such registration must meet the requirements of the Financial Intelligence Center Act of 2001, in respect of the establishment and verification of identity of the person and that person must sign the registration entry.

The bidder’s record and the vendor roll will be available for inspection at the offices of Dynamic Auctioneers during normal business hours free of charge, as well as at the auction.
The conduct of the auction is controlled by the auctioneer who has the sole right to regulate the bidding procedure.

The sale shall be by the rise and property shall be sold to the highest bidder subject to the Auction Rules and the Conditions of Sale.
Every prospective bidder must read the RULES OF AUCTION and CONDITIONS OF SALE and must not bid unless he or she has done so.

Every bid shall be an offer to purchase the property for the amount bid, which the seller or the auctioneer may accept or reject, including the right to withdraw the property prior to acceptance by the Seller, in their absolute discretion.

If no bid equals or exceeds the reserve price, the property may be withdrawn from the auction. The seller shall be entitled to instruct the auctioneer to accept any lower bid.
In the event of a dispute between the bidders, the decision of the auctioneer shall be final and binding.
The auctioneer shall be entitled to correct any error by him.

No bid may be withdrawn after the fall of the hammer. The offer to purchase shall be open for acceptance by the Seller or his agent for the period provided for in the Conditions of Sale. If the offer is accepted the sale shall be binding and deemed to be a sale by auction for the purposes of the Act.
The highest bidder shall sign the Conditions of Sale immediately on the fall of the hammer.
The highest bidders (purchaser’s) offer shall be open for acceptance by the Seller or his Agent (the auctioneer) on behalf of the Seller, during the confirmation period.

The Purchaser’s offer shall be deemed to have been accepted when the Seller or the Auctioneer has signed the Conditions of Sale on behalf of the Seller. The Seller shall not be required to notify the purchaser of the acceptance of the offer prior to the expiry of the confirmation period.
Should the purchaser’s offer be rejected by the Seller, the purchaser shall be entitled to a refund of any deposit and or commission paid to it in terms of the Conditions of Sale.
Should the sale require the consent of a statutory authority or any court of law, then the auction shall be subject to the granting of such consent.

Auctioneer’s Commission
The Seller shall be liable to pay the auctioneer’s commission as determined by the Conditions of Sale”

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