What you need to know

When buying on auction

  • A refundable deposit is payable before you can partake in the Auction.
  • Register as a buyer and accept the Terms and Conditions set out for the Auction to receive your bidder number - REMEMBER by accepting the Terms and Conditions you are legally bound to any bid
  • Please take note of the commission payable and remember VAT applicable i.e hammer price + % commission + vat = TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE FOR LOT
  • Take note that some items may be sold "subject to confirmation"
  • Each Auction will have a catalogue available, please make sure you receive the catalogue to keep at hand throughout the Auction.
  • If you have any questions for the Auctioneer, attend to this before the Auction as he/she may not be interrupted during the Auction.
Auction Tips
  • Attend viewing days to make notes of the items you may be interested in.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions of the Auction before you register and pay your deposit
  • Make sure you have the attention of the Auctioneer when placing your bid, raise your hand, make eye contact and call out your bid clearly.
  • If you are struggling to get your bid across to the Auctioneer, ask one of the on site “spotters” (red flag staff) to assist with bid calling.

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