8.5ha smallholding in knoppieslaagte, centurion

on-site auction

The property is located in the Knopjeslaagte farm region towards the western side of Centurion. The area is more commonly referred to as Mnandi and the subject is located in a pocket section south of the N14 highway.

Access to the subject can either be gained via the R55 Main Road (through Olievenhoutbos) or alternatively the R511 (past Diepsloot), both which link with the N14 highway between Krugersdorp and Pretoria. London Lane can be considered a main arterial road (for the micro locality) as it links Knopjeslaagte Road with Summit Road.

The surrounding properties are mostly residential farm portions with several properties utilised as light industrial and/or commercial properties (especially along the main routes). Such an environment is typical to agricultural holdings and farming regions on the periphery of larger city nodes. The subject is located in London Lane with surfaced road access. The edge of Olievenhoutbos is within 1km to the east but the subject is buffered by what appears to be a large portion of vacant land (portion 3/Re).

No presence of a nearby informal settlement was noted during the inspections and the aerial images do not indicate informal settlements in close proximity to the subject.

The subject property offers extensive improvements well beyond any typical residential farm portion or agricultural holding. This allows for a substantial rental income of R96,000 per month (per information supplied by the seller), making this property well worth the investment.

As can be seen from the above schedule the improvements are extensive and the following is commented:

  • Sizes are based on the valuator’s own measurements as plans could not be provided
  • All buildings have been listed and vary in condition. The residential houses & cottages range from acceptable to good
  • The outbuildings (storage and agricultural buildings) range from average to below average overall.
  • Some of the buildings are dated and to reinstate the building to functional usage (e.g. the chicken front houses) will require extensive capital layout
  • Some of the buildings e.g. the piggery has the potential for alternative uses e.g. stables or hydroponic farming but this will be a small scale venture


Roelien Lundin

Roelien Lundin

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