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About dynamic auctioneers

Welcome to Dynamic Auctioneers, the premier auctioneering company in South Africa. With us, you’ll experience expert auctioneering services tailored to meet all your needs. Whether you’re buying or selling on auction, our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step of the process. Learn more about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction today!

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Our Vision

To remain the leading, commercially sustainable, and innovative auctioneering company in Southern Africa for many years to come.
To conduct business in a manner that it is to the benefit of our clients, staff and shareholders, and to produce productive and fair auctions with the highest level of professionalism and excellence.

Our Mission

To deliver cost effective and efficient services to all our clients by continuously developing and applying divergent auctioneering strategies of the highest standards.

To hold our position as a recognized and formidable player & brand in the auctioneering industry. To positively contribute to the new generation of industry entrepreneurship and enterprises.

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Keys to success

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Experience has taught us that quality should always take priority over quantity and that transparency coupled with immaculate client service is imperative.

As such, we invest a vast amount of resources into each individual matter. As a result, our client service continues to improve in quality and the risk associated with human error is minimized.



During the month of October 2017, Dynamic Auctioneers conducted an Auction on behalf of the South African Revenue Service, Customs Division.


Dynamic Auctioneers conducted an auction on behalf of the South African football Association (SAFA) & FIFA where the memorabilia and various other world cup paraphernalia were auctioned.


We recently conducted an auction on behalf of Government where over 120 vehicles were auctioned.


The Legends Auction of 2019 proved to be a massive success with a turnover of over 20mil