23,909m² Industrial Site with existing buildings



The subject property is located between East London and King William’s Town in a small industrial node known as Fort Jackson/Potsdam. Fort Jackson/Potsdam borders onto Mdantsane which is one of South Africa’s largest townships. Fort Jackson/Potsdam is approximately 25km from East London along the N2 towards King William’s Town.

The subject property surrounded by a balanced mixture of similar, smaller and larger Industrial Properties the Zoning confirmed by the Town Planner is Indutrial Zone 1 for the entire Fort Jackson/Potsdam area.

The property is located in Eastern Cape region which is considered to be a low income region. All municipal services are available


Local Authority Buffalo City
Zoning Industrial
Coverage 75.0% (17,932m²)
Height 4
FAR / Bulk 1.5
Building Lines
Street building line : Zero, provided that no gates or security installations protrude into the road reserve
Side Building Line : Zero, provided that the Council may require side building lines in the interest of public health or in order to enforce any law or right
Rear Building Line : Zero


The property has street boundaries on two sides and a railway reserve on the third. The fourth boundary is shared with an abutting industrial property. The property’s boundaries are enclosed with 2,5m fencing in fair condition. The topography of the site is uneven with terraced areas for the various structural improvements. An unused railway spur services to the site.

There are 4 buildings on the property:
1. Two-storey office block
2. Storage building
3. Large free-standing industrial building
4. Small security building at the entrance of the property

The industrial building was divided into two sections – one section improved to facilitate a meat processing plant fitted with ISO walls, epoxy floors, ISO Ceilings, Meat Traps, Processing Rooms & Cold Rooms and the other section was used as a furniture manufacturing facility.

The large double-storey office block is currently used to accommodate the on-site security company’s staff and requires a full revamp as window frames are rusted, floor coverings have been removed, aircons stripped and can be described as a “shell”. There is a paved driveway and ample parking bays available, which allows for easy access to the warehouse. The buildings are in an average maintained  condition and will require costly upgrade and on-going maintenance on a regular basis.