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Don’t miss this opportunity to own & develop a 1 223 acre (495ha) Golf Course & Lifestyle Estate (to be developed) within the 22 000 acres (9000ha) ENTABENI Wildlife Conservancy in the Limpopo Province, South Africa


Please take note: Current condition of the property might differ from the photos




The biodiversity of the reserve is impressive, with more than 55 mammal species, 300 plant species, 50 different types of grass, 380 bird species and a large variety of insect species, not to mention reptiles and amphibians, all co-existing in five diverse eco systems such as grasslands, bushveld, forests, mountains, and riverbeds.

The reserve is divided into an Upper Escarpment and Lower Plateau by sheer 600-metre-high cliffs. The Upper Escarpment offers majestic rock formations with Verrauxs Eagles and Cape Vultures nesting on the highest crags. 

The leopards of the Waterberg are a regular sight in the reserve. Rhinoceros are common and share the open grasslands with the nocturnally feeding hippopotamus. After dark, the lion’s roar or the distant trumpeting of an African elephant reverberate on the night air.

Nature lovers in the reserve will discover many species of fauna and flora among the huge sandstone monoliths of the mountain. They might even come across cascading waterfalls or cold, clear streams that have – over many centuries – worn down the rocks.

There are also proposed plans for development of other amenities in Entabeni.  This includes a private school, an old age home, a medical centre as well as a church and a filling station making it a small private little village for all residents in proximity.


Mountain’s Mark is situated within the Entabeni Safari Conservancy in the malaria-free Waterberg Region of the Limpopo Province of South Africa – where the Big Five roam free.

The architecture of Mountain’s Mark reflects the monumental stone structures of the six-century old kingdom of Monomatapa. The general planning did not overlook the environmental, social and economic impact the golf course and resort might have on the surrounding area and its people. As a compromise, the landscaping affords total privacy for all residents while at the same time allowing the golf course to blend effortlessly into this ageless environment in a sustainable and non-intrusive manner.

The choice of natural materials and an awareness of the climatic conditions of the Waterberg region have inspired an architectural approach that ensures that the built structures respond to their setting in a harmonious way.

With passionate management and funding, the development has huge amounts of potential to become a unique resort that could set new standards in exclusivity and become a landmark in South Africa as it was originally intended.

Mountain’s Mark includes privately owned homes as well as the legendary (former-championship) 18-hole Legends Golf Course, a driving range, a boutique hotel site, a restaurant, a gym as well as a clubhouse with a large boma.

The Signature Course Clubhouse is a place where great memories are relived, and legendary stories begin. Designed as an exact footprint of the mysterious Fort Inyangwe and set against the Waterberg Mountain Range, all open spaces of the clubhouse lead quite naturally and logically from the central double-volumed courtyard and overlook the 9th and 18th holes against the backdrop of the mountains. The conference venue can accommodate corporate launches and functions while overlooking the greens, the lakes, and the scenery of the Waterberg.

The Tribute Course Clubhouse is dedicated to relaxation and socialisation. The facilities include an outdoor dining area, swimming pool and relaxation area. This clubhouse also doubles up as a private hospitality venue.

The design & layout of Mountain’s Mark has been done in a way that minimises the impact of the development on the natural environment. It preserves the pristine bushveld and makes Mountain’s Mark one of the most environmentally sensitive of its kind in South Africa.


Once rated as the best new course in South Africa in 2010 by Golf Digest, the Legend Golf Course presents a world first, namely a championship golf course designed by eighteen of the world’s top golfers.

In a certain sense, having come from the four corners of the globe, they ushered the whole world into one country adding to the legendary status of the course. Having invited eighteen of the best professional golfers to the sanctuary of this culturally rich and diverse part of the African continent, we feel that a wealth of talent will now surely return to this unique area.

Great golf courses share a unique feature – they were designed by people with a real passion for the game. These leading professionals, selected to add their design expertise to this signature course – share the fascination and spirit of golf.

Because of their expertise and their focus on achieving a balance between risk and reward, the course used to deliver a truly exceptional golfing experience for players from around the world in a location of spectacular beauty.

When the Legend Golf Course opened, it received masses of publicity both locally and even more so internationally for its unique design and specifically for its extreme 19th hole.

Unfortunately, it has since fallen into disrepair due to lack of maintenance and damage done to the course by free roaming game. With the correct knowledge and funding, it can be restored to it’s former glory as all of the greens, fairways, bunkers and golf cart paths are, for the most part, still intact.


This Signature Course has international appeal. The concept of 18 signatures on its championship course is a world-first, however the decision to invite legendary golfers from different countries was also to provide international golfers with a link to the course whatever their nationality, allowing them to market this innovative golf course around the world.

• Hole 1 – South Africa
• Hole 2 – Denmark
• Hole 3 – USA
• Hole 4 – Germany
• Hole 5 – New Zealand
• Hole 6 – Scotland
• Hole 7 – Canada
• Hole 8 – Colombia
• Hole 9 – Finland
• Hole 10 – Ireland
• Hole 11 – France
• Hole 12 – Wales
• Hole 13 – England
• Hole 14 – Australia
• Hole 15 – Fiji
• Hole 16 – Spain
• Hole 17 – South Korea
• Hole 18 – South Africa

The golf course is designed as an 18-hole championship golf course. It is at once the longest golf course in South Africa, providing all golfers – irrespective of their handicap – the experience of a true African challenge. The course plays at 6,534 meters for daily play but is capable of being extended to 7,748 metres for tournaments – making it one of the longest in the world.

Set on the legendary 22 000-hectare Entabeni Safari Conservancy, the course has flowing fairways which wind through the open grasslands and dense bush. The design and layout of the course is in complete harmony with the natural resources. The pristine bushveld environment has been preserved and the course remains one of the most environmentally sensitive in Africa.

The sheer scale of the golf course, with gently undulating greens and strategic bunkering ensures a unique golfing experience with breath-taking views of the Waterberg mountains as a backdrop. On any given hole, a range of 5 tees allows the golf course to b set up for both professional and amateur players and creates the flexibility that one needs for an enjoyable golfing experience.

The uniqueness of the Legends Golf Course is reflected in the spectacular Extreme 19th hole which is the longest and most dramatic Par 3 in the world. Few holes in the history of golf have generated as much interest as the Extreme 19th. Newspapers, magazines, TV, and Radio stations across the globe aver n features on this most amazing hole. Set up on the impressive Hanglip Mountain and accessible only by helicopter, this Par 3-hole measures 560 metres from tee to green and is played from a vertical height of 396 metres.

The fairway of the Extreme 19th is seeded with Cynodon grass and contoured to funnel the ball to the green below. In celebration of the African Renaissance, the green has been shaped like the map of Africa and is protected by a large waste bunker.

Golfers can choose to play this challenging hole in addition to their round of 18 holes, or as an experience on its own. Conceived by Graham Cooke of the UK and designed by David Riddle, the Extreme 19th is truly unique – an unforgettable golfing experience.

The Greens Construction of the Legends Golf Course:

Due to the climate and to manage resources as efficiently as possible, the greens were constructed using a modified USGA specification. Each green has been constructed in the same manner and the bent grass used for the putting surface was chosen not for its speed or playability but rather for the grass ‘ability to handle stress. By doing this, the need for preventative disease management has been eliminated and instead only a curative programme is used. This means greatly reduced impact on the environment with much fewer applications of the chemicals needed to combat the most common green diseases.

The Tee Box Construction of the Legends Golf Course:

Tee boxes have been constructed using a layer system of 150mm compacted earth for the sub grade, once the basic shape was ready, a topsoil layer of 300mm added. To this layer we added a compost and vermicast mixture to help establish a biological layer in the growing medium. This again was done to eliminate the need for chemical fertilisers going forward. The tee boxes are maintained using organic fertilisers and compost which assists in creating a biological system that is self-sustaining.


Boutique hotel site measuring 9,4625ha situated next to the clubhouse on a ridge with views over the golf course and the majestic Hanglip mountain on the banks of the Madikiri River. Rights have been obtained to build a 80-120 room hotel on this site.

Great location for established resorts and hotels to expand their footprint or new hotel development to create an exclusive bush getaway in South Africa. The rest of the property is available for an exclusive Lifestyle Estate Development

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By filling in this form you give us consent to add you to this auction’s WhatsApp group and if needed, contact you via email regarding this auction.

By filling in this form you give us consent to add you to this auction’s WhatsApp group and if needed, contact you via email regarding this auction.

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