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why sell property on auction?

Auctions have a quick turnaround time with a sales cycle of approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

The commission is paid by the buyer and the seller does not have to outlay cash at the time of the auction.

The seller’s terms and conditions can be pre-agreed while the reserve and value is hidden from the market.

The auctioneer can bid to the reserve (with public knowledge) to protect the value of the property.

The auction platform creates competition amongst qualified buyers.

The auction house promotes the properties to a wide market thus ensuring its secures top of mind awareness.

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movable assets

why sell assets on auction?

It’s quick and easy – no protracted negotiations. When the hammer falls, the deal is done.

An auction creates a buzz and a competitive spirit between buyers.

Every transaction takes place openly and terms and conditions are available to the public.

There’s no limit to the price your assets can reach. Often, this means higher final prices than more traditional methods of sale.

The likelihood of your assets being sold is high and in tough markets times, this is a huge bonus.

Only people that are sincerely interested in your assets will bid on them, more often that not guaranteeing a sale.

how to sell your assets on aucTion in

6 easy steps

would you like to

sell your assets on auction?

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